Export to UAE:

  • The United Arab Emirates practise a relatively liberal policy in the fields of imports. A limited number of products only are still either prohibited for imports on moral, health or security grounds; or submitted to the approval of some ministries, such as the ministry of health for pharmaceutical products or the Ministries of information and culture for software sales.

? To be allowed to carry out international trade transactions, importers must have a general licence.

  • For some products such as food products, imports are submitted to strict provisions concerning end of consumption date, packaging, ticketing, storage conditions etc…
  • For goods customs clearance, authorities often require among other documents a trade invoice and a certificate of origin signed by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country and if necessary legalised at the embassies of the Emirates. Parcels lists is not required but it facilitates customs clearance.
  • Likewise sanitary certificates are often required for food products imports.
  • HALAL Certificate: For all Meat products ( to get more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL Section in the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce website).