Export to Tunisia:

The law relating to foreign trade enacted on March 7th, 1994 modified the provisions applicable to import and export operations. This new law consecrates the principle of free trade: goods imports and exports are free except for those subjected to restrictions or threatening security, health and environment.

The following documents are also required to export to Tunisia:

  •  A copy of bill of lading;
  • A delivery order issued by the carrier or its representatives;
  • An original copy of the certificate of origin
  • A copy of the insurance policy if goods are insured.
  • Packing List.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce Website).

Other formalities and documents:

Some imported and exported goods are also subjected to a technical control whose modalities vary according to the concerned list:

  • List A products are submitted to a systematic control of the concerned technical service ;
  • List B products are submitted to a certification regime, in other words for their import or export, a conformity certificate must be produced to customs services ;
  • Finally list C products are submitted to a conformity control with the conditions defined by the corresponding specifications.