Export to Togo:

Only dealers legally installed in Togo who have received an authorisation from the Ministry of Trade may import used cars, used tires and used spare parts. Import of pharmaceuticals explosives, and firearms requires special arrangements. The import monopoly of Societe Nationale de Commerce for Sugar, rice, flour, canned milk, alcoholic beverages and tobacco and tobacco products has been abolished. However, imports of sugar, rice, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes require special approval by the Ministry of Trade, Price Control and Transport .

At import and export levels the following documents are required:

Commercial Invoice : Two commercial invoices are recommended. They must show the names of the exporter and the consignee, the number and types of packages, the marks and numbers on the packages, the net and gross weight, the CIF value of goods, terms of sale, full description of each product ;

Certificate of origin : Two copies must be submitted certified by a recognised chamber of commerce;

Packing list : A list of packing is recommended to expedite customs clearance of goods; particularly of shipments containing numerous small items.

Bill of lading : Two copies are required. The bill of lading must show the name of the shipper, the name and address of the consignee, the port of destination, description of goods, listing of freight and other charges, the number of the bills of lading in the full set, the date and  signature of the carrier’s official;

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce Website).

Other formalities and documents :

The importation of various plants and animals requires special authorisation from the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of rural development depending upon the item.

Labeling : All goods originating in one country and transiting another country before entering Togo should be labelled with the true country of origin.

Marking : In general all identifying marks, including the consignee’s mark with port marks should be inscribed plainly on the packages to facilitate arrival of the shipment. Packages should be clearly numbered. All goods originating in one country and transiting another country before entering Togo must bear markings identifying the true country of origin.

Packing : All goods should be packed adequately so as to withstand tropical heat, moisture, rough handling and pilferage.