Export to Pakistan:

Usually, the Ministry of Commerce draws up at the beginning of each year the list of products submitted to restrictions ; the main lists are as follows :

? Negative list containing products prohibited for export to Pakistan on religious, moral, social or economic grounds ;

? and the list of products submitted to restrictions including on the one hand, products submitted to quantitative restrictions and products reserved to public enterprises on the other.

To comply with the new GATT’s provisions, Pakistan has recently proceeded to a substantial reduction of products included in the negative list, they decreased from 300 to 75 products only.

Pakistani importers must have themselves registered at the Export Promotion Bureau in order to obtain a registration number.

HALAL Certificate: For all Meat products ( to get more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL Section in the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce website).

Other formalities and documents :

The certificates of origin which exporters are sometimes compelled to send to their foreign buyers are issued :

? Either by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ;

? Or by the Export Promotion Bureau. In the case of the “A” formula used within the framework of the Generalized System of Preferences managed by the GSP Committee of the UNCTAD.