Export to Indonesia: 

Exported products are classified into four main groups such as group A, group B, group C and group D.

Group A includes rice, flour, iron and steel products, chemicals, organic and pharmaceutical products, cotton, medicine, fertilisers and insecticides, agricultural and industrial machinery and some raw materials.

Group B includes materials and spare parts for industry

Group C is made up of locally produced goods that require import protection.

Group D is made of luxury products, some consumer goods and some goods produced locally. Importers must have API, temporary API, limited API. Importers must have an import license delivered by the Ministry of Industry and trade.

Commercial invoice: Three copies are required bearing the name and address of the shipper, place and date of the shipment, name and address of the consignee, number and kind of packages, content and weight of each package, tariff number, marks and numbers.

Prices, quantities, and qualities on the invoices should be the same as those originally quoted. Invoices covering shipments under letter of credit should show the date and number of the letter of credit and the import control number. On air cargo shipments, two copies of the invoice are required.

Certificate of origin: a certificate of origin is required for narcotics and drugs imports. The certificate of origin must be certified by a recognised chamber of commerce, which usually requires one additional notarised copy for its files.

Bill of lading: A bill of lading usually shows the name of the shipper, name and address of the consignee, port of destination, description of goods, listing of freight and other charges, numbers of bills of lading in full set, and date and signature of the carrier’s official acknowledging receipt on board of goods for shipment. The information should correspond with that appearing on the invoices and packages. Freight charges must be stated separately. The airway bill replaces the bill of lading on air cargo shipments.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (to get more details about HALAL Certification please visit HALAL Section in the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce website).