Export to Gabon:

Goods imports whose FOB value is higher than 500,000 CFA Francs must be subjected to a previous import licence delivered by Foreign Trade Directorate.

Import licence is required for goods submitted to quotas imposed to protect national production.

The following documents are also required to export to Gabon:

  •  A copy of bill of lading;
  • A delivery order issued by the carrier or its representatives;
  • An original copy of the certificate of origin
  • A copy of the insurance policy if goods are insured.
  • Packing List.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce Website).

Other formalities and documents :

  • To obtain import licence, the importer must produce a proforma invoice or telex invoice to the Ministry of Foreign Trade.
  • Transport insurance must obligatorily be subscribed in Gabon.