Export to Chad:

Import licensing was abolished in Chad. Special authorization from the Ministry of Trade and Industrial Promotion is required on the import of Sulphur and explosives. Another authorization of the inspector chef de pharmacy of the ministry of public health is required on the import of all medicines, vaccines, unnamed medicinal compounds, and antibiotics.

Merchandise in transit or for temporary admission can benefit from a one year import duty-free from the date of discharged from the ship.

Commercial invoice : Three copies of a commercial invoice containing the customary information to be provided to customs authorities.The invoice must mention the following declaration : “we certify that the goods specified in this invoice are of the manufacture and origin of (country of origin) and are in accordance with prices on the export market”

Bill of lading: Information like the gross weight, the volume measurement, marks of identification and clearance at Customs must appear in the bill of lading. This information should correspond with those on the invoice.

Certificate of origin : Three copies of certificate of origin may be requested for some imports. It must be certified by a recognized chamber of commerce.

Special documents : The importation of plants and plant products needs a sanitary certificate.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (to get more details about HALAL Certification visit our HALAL section in the Islamic Chamber website).