Brunei Dar-us-Salaam

Export to Brunei Dar-us-Salaam:

Most goods may be exported to Brunei under open general license. Dangerous drugs are prohibited, and some goods are restricted: petrol, kerosene, cigarettes, spirits and liquors, firecrackers, and items bearing the imprint of state emblems. Specific import licenses by the importer in Brunei are required for a few imports, including plants, cattle, birds, fish (live or dead), drugs, gambling machines, and used vehicles.

Commercial invoice: The commercial invoice may be printed on the shippers letterhead, it must be signed by a responsible in the firm. Facsimile signatures are not acceptable. The country of origin, quantities, weights, proper description of the merchandise, and all itemized expenses to CIF value must be shown in the invoice.

Certificate of origin: An importer may request certificate of origin which is also necessary for letter of credit. The certificate must be prepared in duplicate on a general form sold by commercial printers, and it must be certified by a recognized chamber of commerce, which usually requires one additional copy for its files.

Bill of lading: There are no regulations specifying the form or number of bills of lading required for any particular shipment. A bill of lading customarily shows the name of the shipper, the name and address of the consignee, port of destination, description of the goods (including measurements and weight), the listing of the freight and other charges, the number of bills of lading in the full set, and the date and signature of the carrier’s official acknowledging receipt on board of the goods for shipment. The information should correspond with that shown on the invoices and the packages. The airway bill replaces the bill of lading on air cargo shipments.

Packing list: A packing list must be presented with the import declaration before goods can be cleared through customs.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce Website).