Export to Bahrain:

Importer must be a member of the Chamber of commerce of Bahrain. Imported products require the authorization of the brand’s representative.

The following products are prohibited or subject to restrictions:

All obscene publications offending public decency, religion and traditions;

  • Arms and explosives;
  •  Food products and beverages containing cyclamate.;
  • In spite of being packed in boxes, cigarettes and tobacco products must also bear a warning against the health damages of tobacco.

Licenses are required for the following products:

–         Horses;

–         Fresh eggs;

–         Slot machines.

The following documents are also required to export to Bahrain:

  •  A copy of bill of lading;
  • A delivery order issued by the carrier or its representatives;
  • An original copy of the certificate of origin
  • A copy of the insurance policy if goods are insured.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Islamic Chamber).