Export to Azerbaijan:

As customs legislation and regulations are constantly changing, it is advised that exporters consult with customs officials from the country of importation to obtain accurate and current information.

The following documents are also required to export to Saudi Arabia:

  •  A copy of bill of lading;
  • A delivery order issued by the carrier or its representatives;
  • An original copy of the certificate of origin
  • Packing List.

HALAL Certificate: For all meat products (for more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL section of the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce Website).

Other formalities and documents:

Azeri legislation imposes special rules on labeling of food and agricultural products. The labels must be in Azeri or at least in Russian or Turkish. English labels are also acceptable if information in Azeri is also provided, although compliance, as seen on supermarket shelves, is spotty at best.
Azeri legislation requires the following product information to appear on the label, however compliance is poor:
— Name and brand of the product
— Name and address of producing company
— Country of origin
— Expiration date/shelf life
— Nutrition and caloric values
— Net weight (grams or kilos)
— Usage instructions
— Name and type of packing material
— Storage instructions
— Licensing and certification information etc.
— Special warnings, if applicable
If the product has a shelf life of less than three months, it must include the day, month, and year of expiration.