Export to Algeria:

Products prohibited to export to Algeria as following:

Products prohibited for imports in Algeria are the following: firearms, explosives, narcotics, pork products, pornographic materials, and other items prohibited for reasons of health, safety, national security or religion. The sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Restricted products are as follows: Only some agricultural products (cheese, honey), luxury products (such as yachts). The list of products subject to restrictions is revised every six months. Imported consumer goods must have a warranty of six months to eighteen months depending upon the type of products.

* To export to Algeria the following documents are required:

Commercial invoice: A commercial invoice in duplicate is required including a detailed description of products, the total value of the invoice and terms (FOB, CIF, etc.) and names and addresses of the exporter, importer, the consignee and the manufacturer. The invoice must be signed by the shipper and legalized by the consular services of the Algerian Embassy. In case the products contain foreign components the country of origin must be indicated along with the percentage of the foreign component.

Certificate of originTwo copies are required. The certificate must be signed by an official of the exporting company and certified by a recognised chamber of commerce.

Packing list: The packing list should be in French and included with ocean freight shipments to facilitate customs processing. The packing list should describe the contents of each case or container while mentioning the gross weights together with the CIF value of each commodity.

Bill of lading: The bills of lading should the gross weight and measurements, the name of the shipper, port of destination, number of bills of lading in the full set, and date and signature of the carrier’s official. Shipping marks and numbers should correspond to those shown on the invoices and the packages. The airway bill replaces the bill of lading on air cargo shipments.

HALAL Certificate: For all Meat products ( to get more details about HALAL Certification visit HALAL Section in the Islamic Chamber website).