Slaughterhouses need HALAL mark to export meats to Muslim countries or to supply local markets (HALAL Butchers or Retail Outlets). The certification process can take two ways:

1) IICC Inspection: Inspector from the IICC visits the Slaughterhouse/Abattoir to ensure that slaughtering process is conducted in Islamic manner, this usually require from Slaughterhouses/Abattoirs to deploy their own specialist staff for HALAL slaughtering.

Fee: €250 fixed fee + €25  Per Inspection Hour

Other Costs: Travel Costs (Outside County Dublin) + Accomodation Cost (If Applicable)

Certificate Duration: One Year from Date of Issue.



2) IICC Customer Order Certification: Slaughterhouses/Abattoirs require HALAL mark to fulfill specific order only  (exportation or local markets), HALAL certificate will be issued to certify that the specific order is complying to HALAL criteria.

Fee: €250 fixed fee + €35  per hour (Fulfillment = IICC Inspector will conduct slaughtering process)  or €25 per hour (Inspection).

Other Costs: Travel Costs (Outside County Dublin) + Accomodation Cost (If Applicable).

Cerificate Duration: Not Applicable.

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