Publications & Studies

                                                   IICC Strategy for Economic Recovery 2012-2015

Date: Nov 2011/1432

IICC Strategy for Economic Recovery (2012-2015) conducted by the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce. The Strategy identified three main objectives to be achieved: 1)      Boosting Real GDP Growth to 9.5% 2)      Reducing Rate of Unemployment to 4%       3)      Balanced Budget.  To download  IICC Economic Recovery Strategy                                    

                                                             2010 Year Review (Export to OIC)

Date: Oct 2011/1432

Report for the performance of Irish export to OIC countries. Overall export to OIC is growing steadily for both (products & services), in 2010 goods exportation grown by 8.66% where the export to global markets in general grown by 5.9% in the same year. Download full report here 2010 year review                         

                                                                              Ireland as a Hub for Islamic Finance

Date: September 2011/1432

A brief study presented to Department of Finance in Ireland to build a successful strategy to make Ireland the hub for Islamic financial services  and the available opportunities in this promising industry.  To download click on Islamic Finance      

    ZAKAT the Islamic Taxation

Date: January 2011/ 1432

Presenting the first edition of this book, ZAKAT the Islamic Taxation to be the first academic and learning book presented to understand the Islamic Taxation.  To download click on ZAKAT the Islamic Taxation