Islamic Financial Regulator (IFR Ireland)

IFR Ireland

Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce IICC, has an important role in developing the Islamic Finance Industry in Ireland. 

Act as Islamic Finance Regulator in Ireland by reviewing all service offered by the financial firms in Ireland and to certify (approve or disapprove) any financial service if it is Sharia Compliant.

Through our link with Chambers of Commerce and Financial Institutions in the Muslim World, the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce IICC works to guarantee that investors will not be misled by any financial institution claims to offer any sharia compliant service.

Also, aiming to avoid block monopoly or cartels benefiting from this industry, the Irish Islamic Chamber of Commerce IICC will ensure that this promising industry will be clear from any wrong practices such as (Misleading, Unfair Profiting, Dishonesty or even Misuse of Funds) and also to adopt best strategies spread the benefits of Islamic Finance to wide range of people.